Puerto Rican Raising Star Met Rafael Nadal (Video)

Puerto Rican raising star met Rafael Nadal (VIDEO)
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Last weekend Rafael Nadal visited the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. The Spanish player played an exhibition match and took some time to meet Adriana Díaz, 2015 world cadet team champion. Nadal confessed that he didn't dare to play against the Puerto Rican raising star. 

Last weekend tennis star Rafael Nadal visited Latin America, specifically Puerto Rico. The Spanish player played an exhibition match but previously he had some activities. 

Nadal had a short meeting with Adriana Diaz, 2015 world cadet team champion and 2015 world cadet semifinalist and then they met some teenagers from some communities of San Juan, capital city of Puerto Rico. 

Subsequently, they answered some questions from the media. Diaz knows that Nadal is known as the King of Clay, but she said that she dominates in Table Tennis: "He shouldn't dare to play against me, because I can beat him in Table Tennis." Nadal answered that in fact he wouldn't dare to play against her."

The Spanish player talked about Adriana and encouraged her to continue working: "To be honest, it is an honour to have met this young lady. It is unbelievable what she has achieved. I have been told what she has been doing, so the only thing to do is to congratulate her and encourage her to go forward." 

Diaz also talked about her meeting with Nadal: "I think he is a good person and I am happy to have met him. He is a good player." 

(Video in Spanish)

Video kindly shared by El Nuevo Dia


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