Timo Boll And Kuka Robot Will Meet Again! (Video)

Timo Boll and Kuka Robot will meet again! (VIDEO)
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Timo Boll and Kuka Robot will clash in 2016. In 2014 Timo Boll faced the Robot by the German company KUKA Robotics for first time. The encounter was part of a promotional video in the opening of the first plant in China. In 2015 human and robot met again and in 2016 the story continues. 

Kuka Robot wants revenge against Timo Boll. The German star announced on his facebook fan page that there will be a new duel between him and Kuka Robot in 2016. 

In 2014 Boll announced the first challenge against the robot, created by the German company Kuka Robotics. The challenge was a Table Tennis match. This caused a lot of expectation among Table Tennis fans but most of them were disappointed with the outcome. They commented on social networks that the video was only a marketing strategy. 

In 2015 human and robot met again, but that time it wasn't a Table Tennis match. The challenge was to make sounds with crystal glasses, where Boll was the winner. 

Today the former European champion announced on his facebook fan page that he will face Kuka Robot again and shared a video. The video shows no clues of what the new challenge will be about but we will know it on April 25. 

Video kindly shared by KukaRobotGroup


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