Timo Boll Went Through A Difficult Stage

Timo Boll Went Through A Difficult Stage
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The field of sports can be difficult. Players don’t just need to pay attention to their opponents but also to their physical condition. Recently, the 35- year old Timo Boll went through a series of injuries which led him to miss a number of competitions. In a recent interview, the table tennis superstar admitted that it has been difficult for him to deal with the injuries. 

Sina Sports. Recently, a Chinese media was able to do an interview with the German table tennis superstar Timo Boll. The first question was how were the few recent months, and his answer was brief. 

“Very difficult. Extremely difficult.” 

Timo Boll hasn’t been in a very fine condition recently. Aside from his food poisoning and knee injury last year, Timo Boll also didn’t felt really fine during the World Team Championships and the recently concluded Kuwait Open and Qatar Open. 

So how could he be doing now? 

“I have already overcame the flu virus. My body has completely recovered. I do not want to comment a lot on the injuries. I’m thinking more optimistic and just want to use this file time to gain more energy. I want to start new.” Timo Boll answered. 

As of today, there is roughly four months before the Olympics and Timo Boll certainly hopes that he would be able to get back in his best shape for the competition. 

“My condition last summer was very good and it was the same before. I hope that in four to five months before the Olympics, I will be able to return to tiptop form.” Timo Boll said. 

Photo source: China News 

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