Berlin And Tarnobrzeg In Wecl's Final

Berlin and Tarnobrzeg in WECL's final
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Berlin Eastside and KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg will meet in the women final of the 2015-16 European Champions League. The German club reached a place in the final after beating Linz AG Froschberg. Tarnobrzeg stood victorious over UCAM Cartagena and is back to the women final after 17 years.

Berlin Eastside and KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg are the finalists of the 2015-16 European Champions League. The German club emerged successfully over Linz AG Froschberg by 3-2 in the first leg match and by 3-1 in the second leg match. 

Shan Xiaona paved the way to victory as she overcame Sofia Polcanova by 11-8, 11-5 and 11-6. In the second match Liu Jia beat Georgina Pota by  11-9, 8-11, 11-5 and 11-6 and leveled by 1-1. In the third match Petrissa Solja defeated Iveta Vacenovska by 11-8, 11-7 and 11-7, and got the second point for Berlin. In the fourth match Shan Xiaona won against Liu Jia by 12-10, 5-11, 8-11, 12-11 and 11-7. 

Berlin Eastside will meet KTS SPAR Zamek Tarnobrzeg in the final. The Polish club overcame UCAM Cartagena by 3-1 in the first and second leg match. Han Ying swept with Iulia Necula by 11-7, 11-9 and 11-5 in the opening match. Li Qian defeated Maria Xiao by 11-7, 11-3 and 11-7. In the third match Ruta Paskauskiene won the single point for Cartagena as she beat Natalia Partyka by 11-7, 10-12, 9-11, 11-5 and 11-8. In the fourth match Han Ying overcame Xiao by 11-3, 12-10 and 11-4. 


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