Ding Ning Not Concerned With Her Loss In Hong Kong (Videos)

Ding Ning Not Concerned With Her Loss In Hong Kong (Videos)
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The Asian Olympic Qualifier turned out to be a very fierce competition for the Chinese Team especially to Ding Ning who was eliminated by a foreign opponent names Mima Ito. In an interview, the reigning world champion explained her thoughts on her defeat and at the same time, admitted that her loss is also a good thing as it can help her in her preparations. 

Sina Sports. Ding Ning was one of the upsets that was recorded in the Chinese camp last week. Despite defeat, the world champion believes it was not entirely a bad thing. 

The Asian Olympic Qualifier took place last week and Ding Ning was one of the delegates of the Chinese Women’s Team. Being the reigning world champion, Ding Ning was expected to do well in the competition and perhaps win it. 

However, Ding Ning failed to reach the expectation and was eliminated by the young and promising player from Japan, Mima Ito

Ding Ning vs Mina Ito 2016 Asian Olympic Qualifier
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

“Both of us played normally. Actually, she didn’t have any burden in the match. Recently we have encountered each other a lot of times and we are familiar with each other already. The critical part was when I exposed some big problems in the first three sets. If I was in a 2-1 or 3-0 lead, then that match would have ended very soon. When I was behind in 1-3, my opponent really hit my weakness. Although I told myself to continue fighting, but winning three straight sets was really hard.” Ding Ning said. 

Both players have recently met each other in the World Team Championships finals. At that time, Ding Ning was very strong to post a 3-0 victory. 

Ding Ning vs Mima Ito 2016 WTTC WT Finals
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

Although it was a big defeat for Ding Ning, she thinks that it is not entirely a bad thing. “Now, losing the game is not a bad thing. This will add more tension in the next games. This adds clarity to the difficulty and I can add more hard work in my preparations.” Ding Ning concluded. 

Photo source: Xinhua Net 

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