Patrick Baum Back To The Bundesliga

Patrick Baum back to the Bundesliga
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Patrick Baum is back in the Bundesliga. The German player left Fulda-Maberzell to compete at the 2015-16 French League but he is going back to the his country for the next season. Baum signed in Saarbrücken.

The official website of the Bundesliga announced on April that Patrick Baum will be back in the Bundesliga. Last season the German player was in Fulda-Maberzell but he left the club to join TTC Caen at 2015-16 French League. 

But he will be back for the next season. The German player signed in Saarbrücken, where their new teammates are Tiago Apolonia, Bojan Tokic and Adrien Mattenet

Baum said to be happy to come back home: "I am happy to play in Germany again. I think that I have found a strong club in Saarbrücken." 


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