Berlin Eastside Is The 2015-16 Bundesliga's Champion

Berlin Eastside is the 2015-16 Bundesliga's champion
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Berlin Eastside defended the Bundesliga's title. The team led by Shan Xiaona remained unbeaten during the whole season and was crowned champion of the season 2015-16. SV DJK Kolbermoor got the second place with only two defeats.

Berlin Eastside closed another successful 2015-16 season a Bundesliga's champion. The team led by Shan Xiaona remained unbeaten during the whole season and claimed the third national title. 

The team made up of Shan Xiaona, Petrissa Solja, Georgina Pota, Ui Hamamoto and Miyu Kato stood victorious over LTTV Leutzscher Füchse 1990. TuS Bad Driburg, TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsh, SV DJK Kolbermoor, TSV Schwabhausen, TV Busenbach, TTV Hoveholf, SV Böblingen and TUSEM Essen. 

The second place went to SV DJK Kolbermoor, made up of Sabine Winter, Kristin Silbereisen, Wenling Tan-Monfardini and Bernadett Balint. Kolbermoor only faced defeat against the champion Berlin Eastside. 

Tus Bad Driburg got the third place in the league. Nina Mittelham, Shi Qi, Sarah de Nutte, Katharina Mikailova and Elena Waggermayer posted six defeats and a tie. 


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