China Announced Olympic Lineup

China Announced Olympic Lineup
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The Chinese Team has revealed their cards yesterday and they will be having their best players in the upcoming Olympic Games. Big names like Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen were all included in the lineup for Rio. Even their young players like Fan Zhendong and Zhu Yuling were also in the lineup. 

Sohu Sports. Yesterday, May 16, the Chinese Team announced their powerful lineup for the Rio Olympics. It is expected that the same list will be reported to ITTF. 

We all know that Ma Long and Li Xiaoxia were the first players to be reported for the Olympics following their victorious performance in the Asian Olympic Qualifier. Recently, the lineup was completed and the names were not very unexpected. 

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong 2016 Asian Olympic Qualifier
video kindly shared by janus770

Li Xiaoxia vs K. Ishikawa 2016 Asian Olympic Qualifier
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

The names Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen completed the lineup. The younger players Fan Zhendong and Zhu Yuling also made it into the list as P-Card holders. This is in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games. 

Although the names are released already, the team didn’t clearly state who will play in the Singles and who will play in the Team competition. The Chinese Team still has until May 30 to finalise the roles of their players. 

Each team can also make some changes as to the lineup until June 15. However, the Chinese Team is not known to make any changes in the lineup except for reasons about injuries. The team will also be going to Xiamen and Chengdu for their final closed training before the Olympic Games. 

Photo source: CTSports 

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