China Threatened By New Players From Europe

China Threatened By New Players From Europe
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The Chinese Team of course wants to retain their pride in the Olympic Games and with that, they study their opponents. As expected, the reigning champions still considers Germany as their main rivals. However, aside from them, Liu Guoliang admitted that they also need to be very careful with the new players from European countries as they can also be threatening. 

Tencent Sports. As the defending champions, the Chinese Team has assessed their possible opponents and Liu Guoliang admits threat from new players of the European countries. 

For several years now, the main opponent of the Chinese Team is still the German Team who has Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov in their squad. These two players are considered to be the top enemies of the Chinese players. They have the unique features, strength and the capacity to challenge the Chinese Team. 

However, players from Japan, South Korea and Chinese Taipei definitely can’t be taken for granted. Focusing on Japan, this team has already been preparing their players for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics so the investment is really big. 

Aside from those common opponents, the Chinese Team cited a new set of threats and these are coming from European Teams like France, Russia, England, Portugal and others. The threat is primarily because they are not yet very familiar with them. 

“When facing rookies, one must be especially careful to avoid any upsets in the first two rounds. In the last Olympic Games, Timo Boll wasn’t able to face the Chinese players because he was eliminated early in the competition. Therefore, I warn my players never to look high. They must watch out who is in front of the table because whoever that is, he is their main opponent.” Liu Guoliang said. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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