Fan Zhendong Needs To Prepare For The Olympic Games

Fan Zhendong Needs To Prepare For The Olympic Games
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The Chinese Team has decided on their playing lineup for the Olympic Games and it is clear that Rio de Janeiro will not be Fan Zhendong’s stage. He will just be the substitute player of the Chinese Team in case there will be an unfortunate accident that will happen to their main players. Despite that role, Fan Zhendong just needs to be ready. 

Sina Sports. Fan Zhendong is the most promising player in the men’s division nowadays and despite being a substitute, Liu Guoliang wants him to always prepare. 

The Chinese Team always have full preparations for any big competition, especially the Olympic Games. Part of their preparations is the possibility of a substitution. 

In an interview, Liu Guoliang said that Zhang Jike has recorded several defeats in the team competition and there could be that risk in the Olympic Games. Therefore, the head coach wants Fan Zhendong to always prepare because who knows, he might steal the show in Rio. 

“Zhang Jike has a lot of defeats in Team competition. It is important to see if there exist some problems on Zhang Jike’s energy, physical strength and if there would be injuries after completing the Olympic Singles. This is where Fan Zhendong’s role will be initiated.” Liu Guoliang said. 

The head coach is pretty confident for the 19-year old player. For him, Fan Zhendong’s exposure to the Olympic Games is needed. “Fan Zhendong’s results are also very obvious. That also includes his potential for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Everything is important.” Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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