Japan Completes Olympic Lineup

Japan Completes Olympic Lineup
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Japan is now ready for the Rio Olympics. Yesterday, after the world rankings were published by the ITTF, the Japanese Table Tennis Team also announced their Olympic lineup. This includes new players like Mima Ito and Maharu Yoshimura. According to the team, their biggest hope for an Olympic gold medal in table tennis is the Women’s Team event. 

Sina Sports. As the latest world ranking was released, the Japanese Team also completed their lineup for this year’s biggest competition, the Rio Olympics. 

Yesterday, the ITTF released the latest world ranking and this was the basis for the Japanese Team to complete their Olympic lineup. As expected, the top three players were selected. 

The Japanese Olympic Team is consist of Kasumi Ishikawa, Ai Fukuhara, Mima Ito, Jun Mizutani, Koki Niwa, and Maharu Yoshimura. Among them, the less experienced Mima Ito and Maharu Yoshimura are the players who will only play in the team competition. 

According to the team, their biggest hope to win an Olympic gold medal is the Women’s Team event. They see a promising performance from the partnership of Ai Fukuhara and Mima Ito in the Doubles. They hope that this partnership will be able to get one point from the powerful Chinese Team in the finals. 

Among the lineup, it is Ai Fukuhara who is the oldest. The 2016 Olympic Games will be her fourth Olympics in her career. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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