Kong Linghui Explains Ding Ning In The Olympic Singles (Videos)

Kong Linghui Explains Ding Ning In The Olympic Singles (Videos)
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The lineup of the Chinese Team is much clearer now after ITTF announced the finalised playing lineup of the team for the Olympic Games. In the women’s division, Ding Ning was selected to play in the Singles with Li Xiaoxia while Liu Shiwen will just be in the team competition. With regards to this, head coach Kong Linghui revealed their reason. 

Tencent Sports. Ding Ning was chosen over the top player in the world Liu Shiwen for the Olympic Singles. Kong Linghui explained their decision. 

Before the weekend, the ITTF announced that the Chinese Team has already finalised their playing lineup for the Olympic Games. In their post, they wrote that Ding Ning will join Li Xiaoxia in the Singles while the top player in the world, Liu Shiwen, will just play in the team competition. 

This morning, the head coach of the Chinese Women’s Team explained the result of their decision. He had to explain why Liu Shiwen who was already qualified for the Olympic Singles was not confirmed by the coaching staff. 

“The main thing in deciding for our playing lineup was the important international competitions in this period, especially their achievements in the past one and a half year.” Kong Linghui said. 

Ding Ning vs Liu Shiwen 2015 WTTC WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

“Ding Ning won the Singles qualification precisely because of her stability. She won last year’s World Championships and the Grand Finals.” The head coach clarified. 

Ding Ning vs Chen Meng 2015 Grand Finals WS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Photo source: QQ Sports

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