Li Xiaoxia Found The Desire To Win Once Again (Video)

Li Xiaoxia Found The Desire To Win Once Again (Video)
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Last year was a difficult year for the Grand Slam champion Li Xiaoxia after encountering a series of injuries which caused her to lose the desire to compete and to win as well. This year, Li Xiaoxia attended the Asian Olympic Qualifier which required her to be tough for the sake of the Chinese Team. In that competition, she overcame herself and earned that desire once again. 

Sina Sports. Li Xiaoxia went through a difficult stage in her career and the Asian Olympic Qualifier allowed her to get back the desire to win which she needed. 

In the Asian Olympic Qualification, three members of the Chinese Team, Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling were eliminated from the competition. It was Li Xiaoxia who became the last Chinese woman standing in the competition and she won it. 

“At that time, coach Kong Linghui and coach Li Sun  made me feel as if I was already playing in the Olympic Games. If you will be the only person left in the Olympic Games, what will you do? Li Sun talked to me before the competition. He said that there was no other way out. I only had one way and that was to win. I was stimulated by it so when I was standing in the arena, I found that desire once again which was long gone.” Li Xiaoxia said.  

Li Xiaoxia vs K. Ishikawa 2016 Asian Olympic Qualifier
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

It was common knowledge that Li Xiaoxia suffered from a series of injuries and it was only recently that she showed some improvements in her playing condition. With regards to injuries, coach Li Sun assured that the player and the team have been giving their efforts to make more improvements. 

However, the coach also said that the more important thing in Li Xiaoxia is her mental strength. As long as Li Xiaoxia gets to have her mental strength up, she can give pressure to her opponents and win the game. 

Photo source: Happy PingPang 

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