Liu Guoliang Once Doubted Zhang Jike

Liu Guoliang Once Doubted Zhang Jike
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Due to setbacks, Zhang Jike didn’t have a smooth career in table tennis. He had to start his road to success a little bit late than the others. In 2010, while Wang Hao was going through a difficult stage in his career, Liu Guoliang doubted of putting Zhang Jike into the playing lineup. The decision was hard but he took the risk. In the end, Liu Guoliang was able to say that he made the right decision. 

Sina Sports. Zhang Jike started his road to success a little late but as soon as he got that precious chance, Zhang Jike proved that Liu Guoliang was able to make the right decision. 

It can be said that Zhang Jike’s ticket to his road to success was that one chance to play in the World Team Championships in 2010. Being a player who went through a lot of setbacks and was still trying to earn the trust from the coaching staff, Zhang Jike seized such chance successfully. 

The Chinese Team won the finals and became the champion for that season. 

Zhang Jike vs Christian Suss 2010 WTTC MT Finals
video kindly shared by Jesper Steffensen

After the match, Liu Guoliang wasn’t able to hide his tears. He said: “I only decided to allow Zhang Jike to play five minutes before reporting the lineup. We replaced Wang Hao! We didn’t do it deliberately. It was an unexpected thing.” 

Liu Guoliang admitted that making such decision was hard to make considering that it was Zhang Jike’s first time to play in the finals of a world competition. 

“I hesitated for a long time. However, young players will always have this day where they will have to be pulled out. I know the risk of losing. The pressure was big but I hope that Zhang Jike’s fierceness will bring more enthusiasm to the team.” The head coach added. 

This year, Liu Guoliang will be making another hard decision. Zhang Jike’s inconsistencies in the arena can be a little risky but the head coach also knows what the Tibetan Mastiff is also capable of doing which he has already proven in a number of times. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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