Liu Shiwen Denied With The Olympic Singles Qualification

Liu Shiwen Denied With The Olympic Singles Qualification
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The Chinese Team always have that happy trouble in selecting players for any big competition. Now, for the Olympic Games, the Chinese Team is yet to finalise the roles of their players, building some anticipation from their fans. Luckily, the ITTF was able to give a clearer picture on the lineup of the strongest team in the world. 

Sina Sports. Liu Shiwen is the highest ranking player in the women’s division but unfortunately, she was denied with the Olympic Singles qualification. 

The Chinese Team recently released their lineup for the Olympic Games. In their announcement, they indicated Fan Zhendong and Zhu Yuling to be the P-Card holders. This means that the Chinese Team has denied the qualification of the 19-year old Fan Zhendong for the Olympic Singles. 

It was reported that the ITTF has already sent the invitation to Fan Zhendong and Liu Shiwen to play in the Olympic Singles, basing from the latest world rankings. Both of the players are the highest ranking players aside from the already qualified Ma Long and Li Xiaoxia. 

Interestingly, because of a recent post of the ITTF in their Weibo account, a clearer picture of the women’s lineup in the Olympic Singles was drawn. 

“Liu Shiwen’s qualification for the (Olympic) Singles is denied by the Chinese Team. According to the lineup that was recently announced by the Chinese Team, not surprisingly, Li Xiaoxia will work together with Ding Ning in the Singles.” 

Liu Shiwen is the highest ranking player in the women’s division and naturally, she got the invitation to play in Olympic Singles. Unfortunately, the Chinese Team denied the invitation, which could mean that Liu Shiwen will be their third person, who would be playing in the Team competition.  

The Chinese Team is expected to report their Olympic Singles lineup before May 30. 

Photo source: Happy PingPang 

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