Ma Long Can Handle Pressure In The Olympics

Ma Long Can Handle Pressure In The Olympics
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Following his victory in the Asian Olympic Qualifier, Ma Long successfully sealed his eat in the Olympic Games. Along with this, the Chinese Team has also expressed their confidence towards the player. In fact, when asked if Ma Long can handle pressure in the Olympic Games considering that he still doesn’t have the Singles experience, Liu Guoliang defended his player. 

Tencent Sports. The Chinese Team has reported Ma Long for the Olympic Games and Liu Guoliang believes that his player can handle pressure in the competition. 

Yesterday, we reported that Liu Guoliang has a very high trust on Ma Long who he considers as the real core of the Chinese Team. 

However, one concern was raised to the head coach, Liu Guoliang. Despite the power and the reliable performances of Ma Long, there is one thing that he still lacks and that is the Olympic Singles experience. In an intense competition in the Olympic Singles, can Ma Long handle the pressure? 

Liu Guoliang smilingly addressed the question and dispelled the worries of people on the lack of experience. “We all have the ‘Olympic Singles experience.’ In fact, this is a prerequisite.” Liu Guoliang started.  

Liu Guoliang then assured that they have already considered the experience of Ma Long for the Olympics. “For those relatively young players, their experience on the Olympics and the World Championships is not that much. The technical level and the content did not reach a certain level. Experience in big competitions isa factor to consider if players possess the qualities or not.” The head coach added. 

Photo source: China News 

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