Mima Ito: Chinese Players Are Not Tough (Videos)

Mima Ito: Chinese Players Are Not Tough (Videos)
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Looking from her recent performances, Mima Ito is considered to be one of the promising players of the Japanese Team and this young player is gaining more and more confidence. In last week’s competition in Dubai, Mima Ito only finished sixth but when asked about her thoughts on the Chinese players, she said that they are actually not that hard to beat. 

Sohu Sports. Mima Ito is considered as the next big thing of the Japanese Women’s Team after achieving surprising records in her early stages of her career. Now, she is more confident. 

Last week, Mima Ito attended the Asian Cup in Dubai but lost to Liu Shiwen in 2-4. After Yu Mengyu retired from the competition, Mima Ito directly qualified for the position in 5-8. In this stage she lost to her teammate Miu Hirano in a full-stretch match. She settled in sixth place. 

Mima Ito vs Liu Shiwen 2016 Asian Cup WS QF
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

Despite those defeats in the competition, Mima Ito is still confident about her performance. She even told the Japanese media that the Chinese players are not so difficult to fight against. Where could this confidence be coming? 

Mima Ito defeated the world champion Ding Ning in the Asian Olympic Qualifier in Hong Kong last month. 

Mima Ito vs Ding Ning 2016 Asian Olympic Qualifier
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

“Actually, if I didn’t fight hard, I wouldn’t know that Chinese players are easy to beat.” Mima Ito added. 

With this certainly, Mima Ito has created a threat to other players in the women’s division, specifically to the Chinese Team. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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