Mima Ito Possesses Threatening Confidence (Video)

Mima Ito Possesses Threatening Confidence (Video)
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At a young age, Mima Ito has already shown impressive performances in the international scene. Just recently, she defeated the two-time world champion Ding Ning in the Asian Olympic Qualifier. This showed what she is capable of doing in the arena. Well, aside from the technical skills, there is one thing that is threatening the Chinese Team, and that is her confidence. 

Tencent Sports. Mima Ito is one of the young players who is showing a lot of promise in the international scene. That is because of her strong technical skills and psychological strength. 

Mima Ito’s performance in the World Team Championships was outstanding and it is worth noting that she is still 15 years old. By the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she will be much older and she could be much more threatening. 

In the Asian Olympic Qualifier, Mima Ito eliminated the two-time world champion Ding Ning in the quarterfinal match. It was an upset that will retain in the minds of the people, especially for the Chinese Team. 

Actually, after the match, the Japanese media didn’t just consider Mima Ito’s victory as a personal win but a victory of Japan. 

Aside from the technical skills, Mima Ito also possesses a strong heart which is also very important for an athlete to have. After the Asian Cup, Mima Ito expressed her confidence against Chinese players. She said that Chinese players are actually not hard to deal with. This makes her even more threatening. 

Mima Ito lost to Liu Shiwen in the quarterfinal round.

Mima Ito vs Liu Shiwen 2016 Asian Cup WS QF
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

Mima Ito played in the finals of the World Team Championships this year. Chinese Team’s head coach Kong Linghui believes that Mima Ito can be one of their main opponents in the future. “She is more threatening than Ai Fukuhara.” 

Photo source: Flickr of Damen Tischtennis-Bundesliga 

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