Pontoise-Cergy Was Crowned 2015-16 French League's Champion

Pontoise-Cergy was crowned 2015-16 French League's champion
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Pontoise-Cergy defended the French League's title. The team led by Marcos Freitas fell in the last round, but its previous victories led it to the title in season 2015-16. Chartres and Angers got the second and third place, respectively. 

Pontoise-Cergy is the 2015-16 French League's champion. The French club, made of Marcos Freitas, Tristan Flore, Kristian Karlsson and Wang Jian Jun collected 15th victories, one tie and two defeat. 

The second place went to Chartres made of Robert Gardos, Par Gerell, [[Joao Monteiro] and Alexandre Robinot. They scored 11 victories, 4 ties and 3 defeats. Angers Vaillante Sport got the third place. Jian Chen, Jens Lundqvist, Jon Persson and Christophe Legout collected 8 wins, 6 ties and 4 defeats. 

La Romagne, made of Adrian Crisan, Tianyuan Chen, Brice Ollivier and Abdel Kader Salifou, got the fourth place with 7 victories, 7 ties and 4 defeats. Hennebont ended up in the fifth place with 8 victories, 5 ties and 5 defeats. 

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