South Korea Admits Difficulty In The Rio Olympics

South Korea Admits Difficulty In The Rio Olympics
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The South Korean Men’s Team is considered to be one of the strongest teams in the men’s division and that explains their achievements in the last two Olympic Games, landing in the medal podium. For this year, the team hopes to win their third consecutive Olympic medal with the help of their veteran Joo Saehyuk. But despite his presence in the lineup, the team still believes that their goal is difficult to realise.   

Net Ease Sports. The South Korean Men’s Team has been ending up in the medal podium in last two Olympic Games. Making it three times in a row seem hard. 

Yesterday, we reported on the goal of the South Korean Team in the Olympic Games. That is to win their third consecutive medal in the Men’s Team event. However, they believe that such goal is indeed hard. 

As of now, the South Korean Team is ranked sixth in the world. If the team will not be able to improve their rankings by July then most likely, they will be meeting the Chinese Team in the semifinals in the Olympic Games. 

Because of this degree of difficulty, the team is counting on the presence of their veteran Joo Saehyuk. According to the coach of the South Korean Team, An Jaehyung, Joo Saehyuk is a veteran who can lead the other team members. 

To enhance their chances to realise their goal in the Olympic Games, the South Korean Team will continue to participate in the succeeding competitions just like the Korean Open, hoping to increase the team’s rankings and be able to get a favourable place in the competition. 

Joo Saehyuk will be playing in both Singles and Team competition. The other player in the Singles is Jung Youngsik. Lee Sangsu will be their third person.  

Photo source: Prokerala 

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