South Korea Counts On Joo Saehyuk For 3rd Olympic Medal

South Korea Counts On Joo Saehyuk For 3rd Olympic Medal
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Aside from China, Japan and Germany, South Korea is also a strong team in the men’s table tennis. In fact, they landed in the medal podium for the last two Olympic Games. For this year, the team hopes to maintain their momentum and win their third consecutive medal. In line with this, the whole team is counting on the veteran Joo Saehyuk. 

Net Ease Sports. South Korea is one of the strong teams in the men’s division and they hope they would be able to maintain such status in the Rio Olympics. 

In 2008, the South Korean Team lost to China in the semifinals. The score was 0-3 but they still landed in the medal podium with bronze. 

Four years after in London, the South Korean Team faced China in the finals of the Men’s Team event. Although it was another 0-3 defeat, the silver medal became a precious achievement for the whole team.

For this year, the South Korean Men’s Team hopes to continue to win an Olympic medal for the third consecutive year, and Joo Saehyuk will be playing an important role for this goal. For the veteran, this Olympic Games can be very memorable one for him. 

“This could be my last Olympic Games. If we would be able to win a medal in the competition then it will be a blessing for me. It will be very memorable.” Joo Saehyuk said. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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