Timo Boll: Zhang Jike A Big Question In The Olympics

Timo Boll: Zhang Jike A Big Question In The Olympics
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The Chinese Team is the team to beat in the Olympic Games and right now, the team hasn’t finalised their lineup yet. Although Ma Long is already reported, the team still needs two more players. With this, Timo Boll, the German table tennis superstar seemed to be interested in who will complete the lineup. 

Sina Sports. Being one of the strongest opponents of the Chinese Team, Timo Boll revealed his thoughts on how would the lineup of the Chinese Team be completed. 

Just recently, we reported that Ma Long is already the first in the men’s Olympic lineup of the Chinese Team. This didn’t come as a surprise at all. 

Now, everyone is wondering who could be the second player who will represent the Chinese Team in the Olympic Singles. At the same time, who will be the third person. German table tennis superstar Timo Boll shared his thoughts on his personal Weibo account. 

“For Liu Guoliang, it is really difficult to choose who will he send to the Rio Olympics. There’s no need to question the qualification of Ma Long.” Timo Boll started. 

Fan Zhendong from my perspective is the second player for the Singles. However, has he gained enough confidence? Xu Xin won the Asian Cup title but against non-Asian players, his performance is still not so stable. As a left handed player, he can be in the Doubles.” He added. 

“For me, Zhang Jike is the big question. With the injuries he has been facing recently, I don’t know how he can fight now. However, he was the champion in the last Olympic Games. Will he stay in China? How do you see it?” Timo Boll concluded. 

Photo source: PingPang World 

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