Wang Hao Hopes Fan Zhendong To Be In The Olympics

Wang Hao Hopes Fan Zhendong To Be In The Olympics
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As a young player, Fan Zhendong is considered to be the most promising player of the Chinese Team. He has proven his abilities in the arena against much older and more experienced opponents. With this, he is also one of the contenders to represent the Chinese Team in the Olympic Games. His coach in the Bayi Team and the three-time Olympic runner up Wang Hao hopes that Fan Zhendong would be able to participate in Rio. 

Sina Sports. It is not hard to imagine Fan Zhendong playing in the Olympic Games. His coach, Wang Hao is one of his supporters. 

After his retirement in 2014, Wang Hao’s life changed a lot considering that he is already a father and the new head coach of the Bayi Team. One of his players is the promising player Fan Zhendong, who is one of the contenders among the Chinese Team to participate in the Olympic Games. 

As a coach, Wang Hao believes in the capacity of Fan Zhendong however, compared to the other players, the young player from Bayi still has a lot to improve. 

“Looking on the overall strength, Fan Zhendong still has a gap compared to Ma Long, Zhang Jike and Xu Xin. I of course hope that he will be able to attend. However, in the end, we still need to see his performance and the direction of the team.” Wang Hao said. 

Last week, we reported that Liu Guoliang thinks that Fan Zhendong might have to wait for 2020. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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