Xu Xin: The Best Player For The Olympic Team Competition

Xu Xin: The Best Player For The Olympic Team Competition
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As one of the few players right now who are using the penhold style and doing well with it, Xu Xin holds a special feature against other players. This is also the very reason why he was chosen to be the Olympic third person of the Chinese Team. In addition to that, Liu Guoliang explains further why they were able to come up with such decision considering that Xu Xin was higher in the rankings than Zhang Jike. 

Sina Sports. Xu Xin is considered to have a very specialised feature in playing table tennis and that advantage led him to be the best player for the Team competition in Rio. 

Xu Xin’s main advantage is that his defeat against foreign players is the least. Aside from that, his style is unique. With his stability against foreign opponents, there still exist an integral position. Therefore, he was chosen to play in the Team event.” Liu Guoliang said. 

Even before the playing lineup was announced and finalised, a lot of speculation already suggested that Xu Xin will be playing in the Team competition in the Olympic Games, that is despite his superior ranking over Zhang Jike

Liu Guoliang further explains that Xu Xin was better for the team competition because his performance in the Singles was not that outstanding. 

“However, talking about his performance in the Singles in big competitions, Xu Xin clearly had a number of bad performances. He hasn’t played in the Olympic Singles yet. He has participated in the World Championships four times, and his best was entering into the semifinals once.” The head coach explained. 

In conclusion, the team believes that Xu Xin can contribute more if he plays in the Team event. “Therefore, in summarising this cycle, Xu Xin is relatively stable in the Team competition.” Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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