Zhang Jike And His Olympic Goals

Zhang Jike And His Olympic Goals
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Following a whirlwind in his career in 2015, Zhang Jike was able to recover just in time for the selection of the players for the Olympic Games. This week, it was confirmed that Zhang Jike will not just be in the Olympic Games but will be playing in the Singles. The young Grand Slam champion said that he hopes to meet Ma Long in the finals. 

Sohu Sports. After a period of waiting, the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike was selected by the Chinese Team to represent them in the Olympic Singles. What could his goals now? 

“My first goal is to do good preparations for the preliminary tasks.” Zhang Jike said during an interview after he was confirmed to be playing in the Olympic Singles. 

“I have attended the previous Olympic Games. It is important to win in the battles. Doing well in the matches is my primary goal. I may need to have further adjustments once I arrive there.” Zhang Jike wants to emphasise that although he has experienced winning the previous Olympic Games, there’s still some differences between London and Rio. 

“I need to play round after round in the competition. I need to complete my task by facing Ma Long in the finals.” Zhang Jike admitted. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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