Zhang Jike Even Exceeded Ma Long (Videos)

Zhang Jike Even Exceeded Ma Long (Videos)
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World Championships, World Cup and the Olympic Games. These were the competitions that led Zhang Jike to be chosen to play in the Olympic Singles this year. Despite the poor performances and defeats against foreign opponents last year, Zhang Jike, luckily, was able to stay consistent in big competitions. That was his edge over other players. 

Sina Sports. Zhang Jike was finally selected to play in the Olympic Singles and Liu Guoliang said it is because of his solid performances in big competitions. 

“Speaking for Zhang Jike, he got a solid achievement in this cycle. He won the World Cup, the World Championships and the Olympics. He played in the Singles so his solid performances helped him to get the second slot for the Olympic Singles.” Liu Guoliang explained. 

Just before the weekend last week, ITTF announced the finalised lineup of the Chinese Team which included Zhang Jike in the Singles lineup along with Ma Long. Liu Guoliang believes that his achievements in big competitions can’t be taken for granted. 

“He won the 2012 Olympic Games, 2013 World Championships, and the 2014 World Cup.” He specified. 

2012 Zhang Jike vs Wang Hao 2012 Olympic Games MS Finals
video kindly shared by SpinClips

Zhang Jike vs Wang Hao 2013 WTTC MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Zhang Jike vs Ma Long 2014 World Cup Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

“In six competitions, he won four times. He got the second place once and the third place once. He never lost to a foreigner. His worst result was just losing in the semifinals. His results in big competitions even exceeded Ma Long. Therefore, those are the main reasons for this decision.” Liu Guoliang clarified.  

Lastly, the head coach believes that Zhang Jike’s presence can help build the confidence of the team. “Zhang Jike’s results in the Singles, especially in big competitions, still gave the team a solid feeling.” Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Xinhua Net 

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