Zhang Jike Found Solution To His Problems In The Asian Cup (Video)

Zhang Jike Found Solution To His Problems In The Asian Cup (Video)
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The Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike settled as a runner-up against his teammate Xu Xin last weekend in the Asian Cup Men’s Singles finals in Dubai. That is after Zhang Jike lost in 2-4 in the final match. Despite defeat, the runner-up was calm during the interview and said that he was able to play well throughout the entire game and found the answers to his problems. 

Sohu Sports. The 2016 Asian Cup ended last weekend with the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike settling for the runner-up position. Despite this, Zhang Jike was still calm. 

Zhang Jike was selected by the Chinese Team to play in the Asian Cup which took place last week in Dubai. According to Liu Guoliang, the attendance of Zhang Jike in the competition is for him to find his confidence and momentum. 

In last week’s competition, Zhang Jike did play well, completing a sweep victory in the group stage and reaching the finals against Xu Xin. The Grand Slam champion said he considered to have played properly throughout the whole competition. 

“I was able to test the problems I had during the training of the Asian Cup. I would then be able to find a better solution for them.” Zhang Jike said. 

In the final match against Xu Xin, Zhang Jike started with a powerful set scoring 11-4. But unfortunately, as the match progressed, he was not able to sustain and eventually lost. 

Xu Xin vs Zhang Jike 2016 Asian Cup MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

“Today, I played well in the first set. But in the second and third sets, I lost fast. The application of techniques and my energy was relatively poor. When the opponent accelerated, I wasn’t able to prepare well.” The Grand Slam champion explained. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports

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