Zhang Jike Goes To The Rio Olympics (Videos)

Zhang Jike Goes To The Rio Olympics (Videos)
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Because of injuries and some controversies last year, the Olympics seemed difficult for Zhang Jike. However, this year, the Grand Slam champion showed positive improvements and this became the basis of the Chinese Team to report him in their lineup for Rio. Liu Guoliang explains that they are also aware of some inherent risks in Zhang Jike. 

Sohu Sports. After waiting some time, Zhang Jike is already included in the lineup of the Chinese Team for the Olympic Games. Liu Guoliang explains his decision. 

The Chinese Men’s Team announced their lineup for the Olympic Games yesterday and one of the names that was included is Zhang Jike. This didn’t come as unexpected and Liu Guoliang explains himself. 

“Zhang Jike consecutively played the World Championships, the World Tour stations and the Olympic Qualifier. His control over his injuries is good and he also earned his confidence.” Liu Guoliang said. 

The Grand Slam champion played well in the 2016 World Championships and won the Kuwait Open, defeating Ma Long in the finals. 

Zhang Jike vs Ma Long 2016 Kuwait Open MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

However, Liu Guoliang is also aware of the inherent risks. “But problems still exist. It is mainly reflected in his lack of focus during the continuous battles. After playing in Kuwait, he felt the problem is small so in Qatar, the result was a defeat against a foreign player.” The head coach added. 

Zhang Jike lost to Dimitrij Ovtcharov in the Qatar Open quarterfinals. 

Zhang Jike vs D. Ovtcharov 2016 Qatar Open MS QF
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Liu Guoliang said that the Grand Slam champion will have to continue challenging his willpower.  

Photo source: QQ Sports 

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