Zhang Jike: I Really Want To Play In The Olympic Games

Zhang Jike: I Really Want To Play In The Olympic Games
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After much anticipation, Zhang Jike finally got his seat in the Olympic Singles, giving him a chance to defend his title. In his interview, he admitted that he will be facing a much harder competition than the last. This was also the view of his coach. Good thing, Zhang Jike has the full support coming from his mom so that he can prepare well for the competition. 

Sohu Sports. Zhang Jike revealed his thoughts in the upcoming Olympic Games. Although he knows its definitely hard but he will be giving his best in the competition. 

“Actually, this Olympic Games is definitely different from the previous one because at that time, my position was relatively high.” Zhang Jike believes that this time, the competition will be much harder and defending his title could be a challenge. 

This view is also hared by his coach Xiao Zhan. “It is difficult to be exactly the same as last four years so we just try to refine.” Coach Xiao Zhan also said that he feels that time is not enough. 

As of now, Zhang Jike wants to focus on his preparations for the Olympic Games because that is the most important thing if he wants to do well in the competition that he is really eager to play in. “Being able to prepare fully for the competition is the most important thing because the Olympic Games is indeed the competition that I really want to play in.” Zhang Jike said.  

The  28-year old player got the support from his mom. “I hope that he can work harder. I cheer for him so that he can get another gold medal, giving glory to the country.” Xu Xiying, Zhang Jike’s mother said.  

Photo source: Sina Sport 

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