Zhang Jike Not Depressed From His Defeat In The Asian Cup (Video)

Zhang Jike Not Depressed From His Defeat In The Asian Cup (Video)
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Zhang Jike reached the finals of the Asian Cup but he was not able to ultimately clinch the title after losing to Xu Xin in the finals. According to the Grand Slam champion, his performance was normal after all he was able to own the opening set in a powerful manner. However, there were problems that came out in the succeeding sets. In the end, Zhang Jike also revealed that he is not so depressed with the defeat. 

Sina Sports. Zhang Jike settled as a runner-up in the Asian Cup last week after losing to teammate Xu Xin. He said that he was not so affected by the defeat. 

Zhang Jike lost to Xu Xin in 2-4. After the final match, Zhang Jike was interviewed by Sina Sports who asked the Grand Slam champion about the final battle. 

“Its normal because the important thing in this competition is that I would be able to check the problems that I saw in the training. It is through that I would be able to train comprehensively in the future.” Zhang Jike said. 

Although it was not a victory for Zhang Jike, he was still able to see some good points and that was his performance in the first set. “I was able to enter into the right condition fast, but in the second and third sets, there certainly existed some problems.” He added. Zhang Jike got the first set in 11-4. 

Zhang Jike vs Xu Xin 2016 Asian Cup MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

In the end, Zhang Jike was asked if he is depressed from the defeat. “Since it was an all-Chinese match, it was not very depressing. All of us are teammates. Winning and losing are normal.” He concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports

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