Zhu Yuling Disappoints Qiu Yike

Zhu Yuling Disappoints Qiu Yike
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The Chinese Women’s Team has released the names of their players who will be representing them in the Rio Olympics. The 21-year old Zhu Yuling is included and she is the P-Card holder, which means she gets to substitute any player if the need arises. Although she may be able to have a close experience in the Olympic Games, such role did not satisfy her coaches. 

Sina Sports. Zhu Yuling is included in the lineup of the Chinese Women’s Team but her role is not what her coaches are expecting. 

At the start of this week, the Chinese Women’s Team announced their lineup for the Olympic Games and Zhu Yuling was selected as a substitute player. As soon as this news broke out from the media, the head coach of the Chengdu Provincial Team expressed his regret. 

“Possibly after the Youth Olympics, she played in a lot of games and was exhausted. This led to a not so good performance in the subsequent competitions, including some defeats against foreigners.” Hu Botao said. 

However, the coach said that it is not yet the end for Zhu Yuling. At age 21, the player still has the opportunity after 4 years. “Fortunately, Zhu Yuling is still young. We still have confidence for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We expect her to shine in that competition.” The head coach added. 

Aside from Hu Botao, former player of the National Team, Qiu Yike also expressed his regret over the lineup. 

“Zhu Yuling missed the Olympics and we all find it unfortunate. This setback will inspire Zhu Yuling She can not relax in the next four years and be able to gain something for the Tokyo Olympics.” Sichuan Team’s coach Qui Yike said.  

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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