Zhu Yuling Still Has Gaps

Zhu Yuling Still Has Gaps
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In the recent years, Zhu Yuling was able to establish herself as a strong force among the Chinese Women’s Team. She was able to perform well in some of her matches which made her one of the main players of the Chinese Women’s Team. Unfortunately, her results are not enough for her to be included in the playing lineup for the Olympic Games.  

Sohu Sports. Zhu Yuling has showed some convincing results in recent competitions but sadly for her, the Rio Olympics is still not her time to shine, or maybe not. 

The Chinese Women’s Team has experienced a series of problems on injuries, especially on Li Xiaoxia. In last year, the Grand Slam champion had serious injuries which affected her performance and confidence. 

So as the team is preparing for the Olympic Games, issue on injuries is also important. According to Kong Linghui, they have made some preparations for this by getting a professional physical therapist and fitness trainers that can help ensure a comprehensive protection for their athletes. 

If something will happen to their main players, their substitute will have to take place and the P-Card holder is Zhu Yuling

“The reason why Zhu Yuling was chosen to be the P-Card holder was because among the young players, she was able to have an outstanding performance in this cycle. As for the reason why she was not reported in the playing lineup, her overall performance still has some gaps compared to the other three players.” Kong Linghui said. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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