Li Xiaoxia

Birth DateJan. 16, 1988 (age 31)
Chinese National Team
Country China

Top Achievements

2012 Olympics Women Singles Gold Medal
2013 Women Singles World Champion
2008 World Cup Women Singles Champion
2007 World Tour Grand Finals Women Singles Champion

Kuala Lumpur, London, and Paris. These are the cities that made Li Xiaoxia the newest Grand Slam champion in  women's table tennis, next to Deng Yaping, Wang Nan and Zhang Yining. After winning the World Championship in Paris, Li Xiaoxia is now considered by Liu Guoliang to be the newest leader of the women's team.

Li Xiaoxia was born in Anshan, Liaoning and as a child, she was interested in “male” sports which required a lot of running like football and basketball. Though there was great potential for the young Xiaoxia to make it big in sports, her parents, Li Gang and Jiang Yan, refused offers.

However, in 1995, when she was barely eight years old, she came across a table tennis clinic organised by Anshan Milling Factory. Seeing kids her age playing table tennis aroused her interest. Eventually, such event paved the way for her into a glorious career in table tennis.  

Li Xiaoxia was clearly interested with table tennis but her parents were not so supportive of such path. It was not until 1997 where Li Xiaoxia showed an outstanding performance in the 1997 National Junior Star Cup held in Jinan. The coach of the Jinan City Sports School, Lu Hongzhu was interested in Li Xiaoxia, forcing her parents to permit their daughter to have a professional training.

With the strict guidance and motivation of the Shandong Team , Li Xiaoxia naturally made it to the Chinese National Team in  2001. Scarcely a year  since joining the team, Li Xiaoxia already stunned the Chinese community after she won the championship title in both Women's Singles and Doubles (with Guo Yue) in the 2002 Chinese National Championship. Li Xiaoxia's first Women's Singles title in the international scene came in 2005 during the China Open (Shenzhen).  

Her training with professional coaches of the National Team made her one of the strongest players in her generation. She is considered an outstanding representative of the Chinese Women's Team for the shakehand grip players. Her basic skills are very solid and comprehensive, especially her forehand attack which is labeled to be the best in the world of women's table tennis.

The 2007 World Championship in Zagreb was Li Xiaoxia's first exposure to such competition. Despite a newbie, Li Xiaoxia performance was really stunning in the arena and landed in the runner up position in both Women's Singles and Doubles (with Guo Yue).

A year after failure to clinch a world title, Li Xiaoxia finally started her own road for the Grand Slam as she won the 2008 World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, sweeping Tie Yana of Hong Kong. In 2009, Li Xiaoxia had her second chance in the World Championship. Compared to previous results, this time, she did better in the Doubles and still together with Guo Yue, they clinched the championship title.

While she was successful in the Doubles, Li Xiaoxia was not able to exceed her previous result in the Singles. She only settled as the semifinalist after losing against Guo Yue. In 2011, Li Xiaoxia's efforts were overshadowed by the emerging star, Ding Ning. Undoubtedly, such year was Ding Ning's. Li Xiaoxia only settled as Ding Ning's runner up in the 2011 World Championships and the World Cup.

After a year of just being the second after Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia surprised everyone in the 2012 London Olympics after she defeated the reigning world champion in a dramatic encounter of five sets. Eventually, her victory in Rotterdam made her one step closer to the Grand Slam.

In this year's World Championship  Li Xiaoxia reached the finals against Liu Shiwen, who was a dangerous opponent as well. Indeed, Liu Shiwen quickly levelled herself in 1-1. Despite resistance from Liu Shiwen, Li Xiaoxia managed to establish her lead in 3-1 and sealed the match in the sixth set.

Li Xiaoxia was hailed as the World Champion and at the same time, the newest Grand Slam winner  in women's table tennis.

“Li Xiaoxia deserves this Grand Slam. She has shown that she is capable of being the "big sister" of the Chinese Team. Her technical skills already have  masculine characteristics. You can see that in the quality of her shots." Chinese Team's head coach Liu Guoliang said.

Li Xiaoxia is now the fourth female player and the seventh Chinese athlete to be hailed as  Grand Slam winner.

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