Wang Hao

Birth DateDec. 15, 1983 (age 35)
Chinese National Team
Country China


Forehand Rubber DHS Skyline III
Blade DHS Hurricane Hao

Top Achievements

2010 World Cup Men Singles Champion
2009 World Table Tennis Championship Men Single Champion
2009 Chinese National Games Men Singles Champion

Wang Hao was born and raised in Changchun, China. He started his professional training in year 1992 and he quickly established himself as a main force not just in the Chinese National Team but also in men's table tennis. 

Since the age of 10, Wang Hao has already shown signs of being a world champion. He had a special admission in the Changchun Sport School and became the youngest athlete at that time. Still young, Wang Hao didn't take defeat very easily. Every time he competes, he always challenges older players. Although he lost more, he kept on fighting. 

Eventually, his hard work led to rapid progress. In 1996, when Wang Hao was still 13 years old, he was able to finish third in the Chinese Junior Competition and he was able to attract the attention of several table tennis clubs. He got a lot of invitation but his father, Wang Zhongquan gracefully declined the invitations. 

Wang Hao was sent to the Bayi Team. In his two years in the Bayi Team, Wang Hao's growth was steady and fast and in no time, he stood out, which led him into the National Team. In 2002, Wang Hao won the Egyptian Open Men's Singles title and got him into the top 10 of the world. Wang Hao was then known to be one of the most promising players at that time. 

In 2004, the 19-year old Wang Hao was given great trust by the coaching staff after being selected to be part of the Chinese Olympic lineup for the Athens Olympics. Despite the young age, Wang Hao showed surprising performances leading him into the finals against Ryu Seung Min. But it is in the final hurdle where his lack of Olympic experience took its toll. He lost the match and had to settle for the silver. 

Such loss was traumatic for Wang Hao and he eventually developed a fear of the finals. He struggled further for several major competitions. But in 2006, during the Doha Asian Games, Wang Hao was able to break the curse. He won against Ma Lin and took the title. 

In 2008, Wang Hao was once again selected for the Beijing Olympics. He reached the finals once again but lost to compatriot Ma Lin and he settled for silver for the second consecutive time. He lost the Singles but won the Men's Team gold with Wang Liqin and Ma Lin. 

In 2009, Wang Hao redeemed himself and consecutively won two world titles: the Yokohama World Championships and the Men's World Cup. Wang Hao continued to dominate the men's table tennis despite the emergence of new players, Ma Long and Zhang Jike. Who would have known that one of them will become his familiar opponent in the succeeding competitions. 

Wang Hao still had a chance to complete his Grand Slam but Zhang Jike took that away from him. In the 2012 London Olympics, Wang Hao and Zhang Jike played in the Men's Singles and both reached the finals. Zhang Jike dominated the match and took home the gold leaving Wang Hao for his third silver in the Olympics. 

During an interview after the final match, Wang Hao was teary eyed knowing that it was his last chance to be an Olympic champion. His sadness was short-lived as he accepted his fate as a player. In 2013, Wang Hao showed an impeccable performance in the Paris World Championships where he defeated the formidable Ma Long in the semifinals. Wang Hao finished second in that competition after losing to Zhang Jike in their fourth straight encounter in a world competition finals. 

At the age of 30, Wang Hao is already nearing his retirement and it is already impossible for Wang Hao to play in the next Olympics. He may not have completed the Grand Slam but his experiences, contribution and journey are already etched in the table tennis history. 

Wang Hao News Feed

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