Zhang Jike

Birth DateFeb. 16, 1988 (age 31)
Chinese National Team
Country China


Forehand Rubber DHS Hurricane 3 NEO National
Backhand Rubber Butterfly Tenergy 64
Blade Butterfly Viscaria FL

Top Achievements

2011 World Table Tennis Champion
2012 London Olympics Men Singlels Gold Medal
2013 World Table Tennis Champion
2011 World Cup Men Singles Champion

Born in Qingdao, Shandong Province of China, Zhang Jike is considered to be the fastest table tennis player to have completed the Grand Slam: that is the World Championships (2011 Rotterdam), World Cup (2011 Magdeburg), and the Olympics (2012 London).

He started playing at the age of 5 with his father, Zhang Chuanming who is a table tennis coach. Initially, his father wanted Zhang Jike to be a football player and that's the reason why he got his name Jike: it was patterned from the Brazilian football player Zico. However, seeing that the future of Chinese football wasn't that bright enough, the father and son duo invested in table tennis instead.

Zhang Jike entered the second National Team in March 2002. At age 15, Zhang Jike was part of the strongest team in the world. However, the steady progress of Zhang Jike took a halt in year 2004. Due to serious violations, Zhang Jike was ousted from the National Team and had to return to his provincial team, Shandong. 

At this point in Zhang Jike's life, he felt embarrassed and already thought of quitting the sport or play abroad. After a serious talk with his father, Zhang Jike one day got the motivation to get back into the National Team. In 2006, Zhang Jike succeeded. In 2008, right after the Beijing Olympics, Zhang Jike showed what he is capable of after winning over olympians Ma Lin, Wang Liqin and Wang Hao in the National Championships. Zhang Jike won the title. 

However, his progress was blocked once again after he was not permitted to play in the 2009 Yokohama World Championships. Zhang Jike received a penalty after a disresepctful act against a coach. Having to waste quite a number of opportunities already, Zhang Jike became very determined not to fail again. 

Indeed, Zhang Jike's determination paid off. After a wonderful performance in the Moscow World Team Championships finals, opportunities came and Zhang Jike didn't waste any of them until he became the most successful table tennis player after Jan Ove-Waldner, Kong Linghui, and Liu Guoliang. 

Zhang Jike is also known for surprises in the arena. Be it in his bold celebrations of victory or in his performance in the arena, Zhang Jike always grabs the attention of people. 


Zhang Jike News Feed

  • Zhang Jike: I Am Still The Best! (Videos)

    Zhang Jike: I Am Still The Best! (Videos)

    China Zhang Jike has a problem with inconsistencies, recording some unexpected defeats against unexpected opponents. However, there is one thing that Zhang Jike can be proud of and that is his victories in big competitions. As of now, he is the ...
  • Zhang Jike: I Really Want To Play In The Olympic Games

    Zhang Jike: I Really Want To Play In The Olympic Games

    China After much anticipation, Zhang Jike finally got his seat in the Olympic Singles, giving him a chance to defend his title. In his interview, he admitted that he will be facing a much harder competition than the last. This was ...
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    Germany Is Happy With Chinese Team’S Olympic Lineup (Videos)

    Europe The German Team is considered to be the strongest competitor of the Chinese Team in the table tennis sport. For the upcoming Olympic Games, the German Team found the Chinese lineup as unexpected considering that Zhang Jike recently went through ...
  • Zhang Jike Admits Pressure In Rio

    Zhang Jike Admits Pressure In Rio

    China Zhang Jike will be attending the Olympic Games for the second time. In his previous attendance, the young player was able to withstand the pressure and stood victorious in the end, winning the championship title in the Men’s Singles. This ...
  • Zhang Jike And His Olympic Goals

    Zhang Jike And His Olympic Goals

    China Following a whirlwind in his career in 2015, Zhang Jike was able to recover just in time for the selection of the players for the Olympic Games. This week, it was confirmed that Zhang Jike will not just be in ...
  • Zhang Jike Even Exceeded Ma Long (Videos)

    Zhang Jike Even Exceeded Ma Long (Videos)

    China World Championships, World Cup and the Olympic Games. These were the competitions that led Zhang Jike to be chosen to play in the Olympic Singles this year. Despite the poor performances and defeats against foreign opponents last year, Zhang Jike, ...
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    Chinese Team Finalised Olympic Lineup? (Videos)

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  • Zhang Jike Has Locked His Olympic Singles Seat (Videos)

    Zhang Jike Has Locked His Olympic Singles Seat (Videos)

    China The Chinese Team has yet to announce the roles of their players for the upcoming Rio Olympics. Zhang Jike was included in the lineup that was recently announced by the Chinese Team. Although it hasn’t been confirmed if he will ...
  • Liu Guoliang Once Doubted Zhang Jike

    Liu Guoliang Once Doubted Zhang Jike

    China Due to setbacks, Zhang Jike didn’t have a smooth career in table tennis. He had to start his road to success a little bit late than the others. In 2010, while Wang Hao was going through a difficult stage in ...
  • Zhang Jike Got Wang Hao’S Support (Videos)

    Zhang Jike Got Wang Hao’S Support (Videos)

    China The former member of the Chinese National Team, a world champion and three-time Olympic finalist, Wang Hao, is still concerned with the National Team especially that the Olympic Games is coming nearer. For him, both Zhang Jike and Xu Xin ...
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